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Bathroom Designs

Beautiful Bathroom Designs for the Pensacola, FL Area

Looks can go out of style quickly. Choosing to redesign your bathroom with a classy, elegant, or modern touch can give you a space that feels brand new. Dee McDavid Interiors is committed to creating beautiful living spaces for our clients across the Pensacola, FL region. Whether you're working with a small bathroom space or larger rooms, we take into account your unique style and taste on every project. If you have a bathroom design idea or would simply like us to create a new look that suits you, we can assist. 

Unique Bathroom Design Projects to Suit Any Home

Are you ready to get a jump-start on your bathroom design project? Having a beautiful and functional space might be just what you need. At Dee McDavid Interiors, our bathroom design specialists work with you to understand your needs and style preferences. In no time at all, you'll have a wonderfully designed and elegant bathroom space for your Pensacola, FL home. Contact Dee McDavid Interiors today to start the design process.

Benefits of a Bathroom Redesign Project

The benefits of redesigning your bathroom can extend past aesthetics and have a profound effect on space, home value, and even energy bills. Aesthetically, a redesigned bathroom can make the room appear more warm and homely, which can also effect the perception of space, and make being in it a more pleasant experience. Bathroom design jobs often include adding storage space or making the room itself bigger, which can also affect the value of your home. Potential buyers love modern, updated, and spacious bathrooms, and since it is one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a house, it will often be one of the first they check during their tour.  Having everything updated can be the one little push prospective buyers need to make the leap and complete the purchase. Alternatively, if you plan to live in your home for a while, a newly designed bathroom can actually decrease your energy bills. According to the EPA, over 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 billion worth of energy bills would be saved if only one home in ten upgraded their bathroom to contain energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Not only would remodeling benefit the environment, but also save you money each month on your energy costs.
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