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About Us

Designer Fabrics & More for Pensacola, FL

Meet The Designers
Dee McDavid

Dee McDavid is a Pensacola, FL native inspired by travel, books and fabrics to create classic designs with a modern sensibility. Dee worked with several legendary area designers before launching her own company in 1996. "I listen to the client and reflect on their personality," McDavid says. "I want to create a distinctive space that gives them joy."
Whitney Shay Downs

Whitney Shay Downs brings a modern sensibility grounded by an appreciation for classic design to Dee McDavid Interiors. Growing up as a military brat, she moved so often that re-decorating her bedroom was never a possibility. She began making up for lost time as an interior design major at Florida State University and enjoys the challenges presented by different spaces. Whitney is inspired by fashion and home trends, but knows that black and white never go out of style. Her ideal room is a mix of mid-century Modern and traditional antiques, with a LAFCO Den candle burning and a Gus* Modern Danforth Chair to curl up in.

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From minor updates to major renovation overhauls, Dee McDavid Interiors can handle interior design projects of all magnitudes. Please call us today to schedule a consultation, or visit our shop to browse our latest inventory.

We offer the following:
  • Bath & Kitchen Remodels 
  • Color Schemes 
  • Consulting 
  • Custom Drapery and Window Coverings 
  • Delivery & Installation 
  • Designer Fabrics & Wall Coverings 
  • Furnishings & Accessories 
  • Designer Lighting 
  • Project Management 
  • Space Planning
“Dee was fantastic! We gutted our kitchen and it was wonderful how Dee worked with our taste and lifestyle to create a functional yet stunning kitchen. She had ideas that we had not even considered which made the remodel even better than we expected. Dee also eliminated the angst of picking colors. She would narrow down the selection and it was so much easier to make a decision. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do a remodel!” – danettekrumel

“I have had the pleasure of receiving design services from Dee McDavid for over 20 years. She has always met my ever changing and evolving tastes perfectly. Dee has the rare ability to identify with any decor her clients may prefer.” – marilynb54

“I have worked with Dee McDavid on various projects since 2012. She is fantastic! She is accessible and approachable, open-minded and creative. I love her design skills, the products she recommends, her prices and her lovely, gentle personality. She is the loveliest interior designer I've ever met. If you have design work in Pensacola, contact Dee first and foremost.” - shunterm
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